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How We Started:

In March 2005, six students came together with a desire to create a
Bakersfield based pro life group for high school and college students. Of
these six like-minded teens, two began gathering the information necessary
to start the pro-life group. With help from "Voice for Life," a St. Francis
Church adult pro life group, and Pastor Craig Harrison of St. Francis
Church, the group was well under way with t-shirts. The group started with
a couple students with the dream to start an informational group, and they
did just that.

Our Mission Statement:

Students for the Silent is dedicated to compassionate
education about abortion. We actively promote the life-saving
alternatives to abortion and strive to relate the truth about
the issue to other teens. We reach others through
non-aggressive means to demonstrate the love and empathy of the
pro-life movement.

Schools Represented Include:

Bakersfield College, Centennial High School,
Bakersfield High School, Stockdale High School,
Garces High School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
California State University Bakersfield and Fresno State.